TriQuest Christian Academy

The Situation

  • Elementary students face unprecedented upheaval from disease, family strife, and social media pressures, resulting in low self-esteem and poor academic performance.
  • Well-intended school interventions sometimes differ from deep family convictions.
  • Student performance and mental health continue to suffer.
  • There are few affordable alternatives to public education.

The Solution

  • The Bible offers unmatched guidance on navigating personal, familial, and societal conflict.
  • At the same time, school remains one of the most convenient settings to impart this wisdom.
TriQuest Christian Academy - Mableton Elementary School

Our Response

  • Caring staff immerse each student in the love and truth of the gospel.
  • A strong academic foundation and 21st-century skills ignite a passion for growth and discovery.
  • Purposeful student interactions meet unique needs and motivate success.
  • Small class sizes enable individualized attention and tiered instruction.
  • Reasonable tuition of $9,700 is supplemented by scholarships for qualifying families.


TriQuest welcomes our first class of kindergarten through second grades later this year. Third through fifth grades will be added in successive years.