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Position: Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

After attaining the rank of captain, Leon Scott left the United States Air Force to work as Director of Operations and Director of Implementations for two public companies. His interest in education began when he and his wife started the nonprofit Omosaze to assist underperforming, low-income, elementary students. Leon served as chairman and CEO of Omosaze, where he was inspired by experiencing the impact caring adults could have on children. This led him to become a teacher of elementary-aged children, where he was twice selected as teacher of the year.
Leon and his wife lead and participate in bible studies and other activities in their local church. Additionally, Leon and his wife founded Utengo Ministries, a U.S.-based nonprofit that supported churches and schools in Kenya, Africa for 20 years. Leon has a bachelor’s degree in General Engineering, a master’s degree in Computer Science, and a Specialist Degree in School Administration.